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OEC Power Distribution Units (PDU’s)OEC PDU

Modular & functional power distribution units

All connections accessible everywhere with our PDUs and junction boxes.

OEC is a brand name belonging to AP Nederland*. The OEC selection consists of modular PDUs, busbar junction boxes and an OEC management software package. Our years of experience and collaboration with a wide range of large data centres, system integrators and companies with a data room in the Netherlands enable OEC to design very innovative ideas and integrate these into its portfolio. In addition to innovation, we deem reliability, service and quality to be of paramount importance. Our collaboration with Siemens and the associated Alpha partnership enables OEC to manufacture products such as Siemens busbar junction boxes. In addition, we also assemble busbar junction boxes that are tailor-made to client specify requirements.

AP Nederland

*AP Nederland specialises in the production of series of wire and cable assemblies, devices and control box production, assembly of mechanical products and manufacturing OEC power distribution units (PDUs). In close collaboration with our innumerable clients, we expertly assemble different products using our production lines and according to client specifications. The combination of technology, ‘lean thinking & doing’ and know-how culminates in maximum added value for the client.

A certified partner

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Managing PDU using software packages

Software plaatjeIn addition to designing and manufacturing Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for data centres, medical, industrial and office applications, OEC also delivers and installs the OEC management software package used to administer OEC Power Distribution Units.

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